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Self Cleaning Fliter

In typical process industries like chemical, paper, textile, etc water, and water-based solutions are used for various operations like bleaching. The liquid is used in large quantities and continuously used. Any stoppage of the breakdown of the liquid causes in the process. At the same time, the liquid needs to be filtered to remove any impurities which may cause impact to operations like generating oxygen/ozone for bleaching purpose. To ensure filtration of the liquids in large quantity without interrupting the flow for filtration, a self-cleaning filtration system is recommended. 

The self-cleaning filtration system uses wedge wire drum to remove the impurities of 50 micron and above


  • Continuous filtration in the circulation without interrupting the flow
  • Automatic detection of wedge wire filter clogging to start the cleaning operation
  • Automatic removal of impurities through drain at the cleaning cycle
  • Sturdy design for high pressure liquid flow
  • Long lasting cleaning mechanism to withstand the continuous operation
  • Auto flush of the impurities from the filtration system at the end of cleaning cycle
ApplicationProcess industries, Cooling tower
MoCSS 304, MS Powder coated