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Serving Wide Variety of Industry Segments

Automobile Industry

The automobile and automobile ancillary industry is one of the major industry segments with high requirements for filtration systems. With increased stress on the high quality of the components, it is important to have a reliable and effective coolant filtration system to achieve the quality standards.


Most of the machining operations like turning, milling, surface grinding, broaching use various types of coolants including emulsion-based coolant, neat cutting oil, honing oil, etc. For increasing the coolant life and to achieve better machining quality, it is required to remove the ferrous and non-ferrous impurities from the coolant. CutEdge Engineering offers solutions like Magnetic Separator, Compact Band Filter, Paper Band Filter, Oil Skimmers to be used at various stages to remove the impurities and make the coolant reusable to ensure high quality of components.


Along with the machining operations, some of the process operations like component cleaning and painting also need filtration, for which Compact Band Filter is used.


CutEdge Engineering supply Filtration Systems for various flow requirements and offer customized solutions considering the other influencing parameters like space constraints, etc.

Steel and Power (Energy)

Steel and power industries are the backbone of the manufacturing industry to provide necessary raw material as well as power to run the setup. The steel industry needs roll coolants to absorb a high amount of heat generated during the rolling operation. Also, the rolling operation generates metal spikes that need to be washed out and removed from the roll coolants.


CutEdge Engineering offers a roll coolant Filtration System that includes a CandleType Magnetic Separator to remove the metal spikes from the coolant and a SelfCleaning/Compact Band Filtration System to remove other impurities before the coolant is passed through cooling towers and reused.


CutEdge Engineering also offers Oil Filtration Systems and industrial wastewater Skimmers specially designed for steel mills as a reliable solution to remove greases and heavy oil from the steel-mill scale pit. CutEdge Engineering Oil Skimmers use the differential specific gravity and surface tension between grease and water, allowing the belt to attract grease and oil as the belt passes through the surface of the liquid.


To achieve the surface finish of the rolled metal, it is critical to maintaining high surface finish of the rollers. Due to wear and tear, the rollers need frequent grinding to maintain the surface finish. The coolant used for the grinding operation needs to be filtered to remove all ferrous and non-ferrous impurities. CutEdge Engineering offers Coolant Filtration solutions like Magnetic Separator and Compact Band Filter to maintain the quality of coolant and in turn the quality of roller surface finish

Wire Drawing

Wire drawing is one of the critical metal forming operations in the industry. Wire drawing is an operation where a wire of higher diameter is passed through series of reduction dies to achieve a smaller diameter of wire at a high finish. This drawing operation generates a high amount of heat. To maintain the temperature as well as to reduce the friction between die and wire rod, oil is used as a coolant and lubricant. This oil needs to be filtered before it can be circulated in the wire drawing operation. CutEdge engineering offers Coolant Filtration System for the same. The filtration system also comes along with a heat exchanger to maintain the temperature of the coolant/lubricant oil

Chemical, Textile and Paper (Process)

Process industry like Chemical, Textile and Paper use lot if water and other liquids for operations like bleaching andheat exchange. The quality of bleaching is important to ensure quality and finish of final product. E.g. in Textile industry warm water is used to clean the Cotton /Nylon threads before getting into weaving operation. If this Cleaning/Bleaching operation is not effective then even one thread with rust particles may cause rejection of the roll.

It is critical to remove all rust/dust particles from the water/solution to ensure the quality. Filtration system like Bag Housing Filters, CartridgeHousing Filters and Self Cleaning Filters are used to ensure maximum removal of the impurities.

In paper industry, Oxygen and Ozone is used for bleaching of paper pulp. For cooling of the Oxygen and Ozoneglass tube typereactors, cooling tower water is used. It is very critical that the cooling water is kept free of any impuritiesin continuous operation. CutEdge Engineering offers Self Cleaning Housing Filters for continuous flow of clean water in the cooling system without interrupting the operation.

Machine Tool Manufacturer

Machine Tools manufacturers provide machines to various industry segments to accomplish the production of the respective industry. The machine Tool industry is continuously evolving to meet demanding quality standards of machining. A high-quality coolant filtration system for coolants including emulsion-based coolant, neat cutting oil, honing oil, etc is critical to meet the demanding quality standards.


CutEdge Engineering offers a range of Filtration Systems including Magnetic Separator, Paper Band Filter, Compact Band Filter, and Oil Skimmers of various types including PU/TEFLONBelt, SS 316 SLATBelt, SS Disc Type, and Tube Type Oil Skimmers.


CutEdge Engineering also offers a Centralized Filtration System for multiple machines for the filtration of a large amount of coolant.

Environmental Solutions

ETP/STP Solutions

Effluent is generated in many manufacturing industries like textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, tanneries etc. Contaminated water cannot be released without treatment as it contains toxic and non-toxic chemicals. Releasing it may cause contamination of the existing pure water and it also affects the environment. As a result, Effluent treatment plants (ETP)are installed in most of these industries.

The ETPisused for the removal of high amounts of organic compounds, debris, dirt, grit, pollution, toxic, non-toxic materials, and polymers, etc. from industrial effluent. CutEdge offers Wedge Wire Screen-based Filtration System for the removal of solid dirt from the water. Removal of oil traces from the effluent is critical to meet the government environmental norms. Tube Type Oil Skimmer is used to remove the traces of oil from the surface of the effluent tank. In certain industries where the effluent is acidic in nature, CutEdge supply SS 316 SLATBelt Type and TEFLON Belt Type Oil Skimmersto sustain the varying temperature and pH value.

Recycling Industry

Post-processing or recycling is a large industry segment that is involved in recycling various out of use products to extract the reusable substance.

One of our clients is in the business of extracting carbon from the used rubber tires. The process involves burning the rubber to get the carbon. During the process, small wire pieces from the tire get mixed with the carbon dust. CutEdge Engineering has designed and manufactured Drum Type Magnetic Separator to remove the wire pieces from the carbon dust.

Another client is one of the largest aluminum producers in India who uses a lot of recycled aluminum along with ore in the furnace. Before using the recycled aluminum, it is critical to remove all ferrous impurities from aluminum scrap. CutEdge Engineering provided a Drum Type Magnetic Separator to remove the ferrous impurities from the aluminum scrap before using the same in the furnace.

One client, who is in the business of creating plastic granules for pet bottles, uses shredded pet bottles along with virgin graduals.  CutEdge Engineering offered Magnetic Drum Separator with a Rare Earth magnetic drum to remove metallic impurities from recycled and shredded pet bottles before using the same for manufacturing of plastic granules.