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Oil Separator – Oil Coalescer

In many industrial applications, oil is emulsified with water/liquid due to high turbulence. The turbulence does not allow the oil to settle and float on the top of the liquid. Also, due to smaller quantity, oil layer does not form on top of the liquid. In such a situation, to remove the tramp oil, an oil coalescer is deployed. 

A coalescer works on a principle where small oil droplets are trapped using the coalescing media to form a larger droplet that can be separated from the liquid. Small droplets come together to form large droplet which comes to the top of the liquid surface, which can be removed using a decanter mechanism and/or an oil skimmer. 


  • Efficient operation for removal of tramp oil at lower running cost
  • Improves performance and life of the liquid due to timely removal of oil impurities
  • Long running life as no moving components and no consumables
ApplicationCleaning ops for automobile painting
MoCMS Powder coating/ SS 304