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Floating Suction Type Oil Skimmer

Floating suction oil skimmer are very useful for removing bulk of floating oil from typically large size tanks, water bodies. The floating skimmer is typically fixed at a position with a rope so as to remove maximum of oil. Also, in certain applications, the skimmer is moved across the surface of the water body to cover larger area. 

The skimmer floats on the water body with the help of vacuum-filled balls with the collector mechanism at the center. Air-pump is used for the suction of the collected oil. As the skimmer is floating on the water body, there are chances of  some water getting sucked along with the floating oil. so a Coalescer filter is used to remove any traces of the water collected along with the oil.

The system consists of:

  • Skimmer head
  • Suction hose
  • External pump unit
  • Discharge hose

Key Features

  • Compact design occupies lesser space without compromising the efficiency
  • Designed as per requirement in MS or SS body and available for standalone machine as well as for transfer lines
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hassle free installation
  • Can handle 30 LPM to 2000 LPM flow capacity


  • Floating Suction Unit is placed into the tank. It is connected to tank drain at bottom using flexible hose. Bottom drain is connected to Suction Pump using flexible hose / piping.
  • Floating Suction Unit and Suction Pump is used to transfer the top layer of oil mixed liquid into the decanter tank of Oil Skimmer unit.
  • As oil mixed liquid flows through decanter tank, smaller droplets of oil collude into bigger droplets and start floating on surface.
  • Using gravity principle, liquid is separated from upper layer of oil in decanter tank.
  • Separated liquid is taken out and is transferred to the tank using Discharge Pump.
  • Floating oil on top of the liquid is recovered using Belt Type Oil Skimmer which is fitted on top of decanter tank.
  • Separated oil is drained to oil collection tray
ApplicationLarge tanks, ponds, sea
MoCSS 304, MS Powder Coating